Liberal Democrats field a candidate in all 20 of Salford’s wards

Nominations closed at 12 noon today and the Liberal Democrats are standing in all 20 seats across Salford. Additionally, Claremont Councillor Norman Owen is standing for Mayor as the official Liberal Democrat candidate.

Councillor Owen said today: “We have excellent, hard working candidates in 20 seats across Salford and in many of those wards, especially the inner-city wards, it’s a straight fight between the Lib Dems and Labour. Labour have admitted that under their leadership of this city mistakes have been made, why else would they have selected an ex-Eccles MP to run Salford instead of their current leader?”.

“Labour’s Mayoral candidate has no local government experience and was booted out by Labour in 2010 when his seat was abolished. They selected Hazel Blears instead.” he added. “If Ian Stewart is not good enough to represent Salford & Eccles, how is he good enough to lead the entire Salford City Council?”

Steve Middleton is the Lib Dem candidate in Irwell Riverside ward for the local election on 3 May.

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