Three-quarters of Lib Dem manifesto becoming government policy – independent research

I was watching the BBC’s Politics Show on Sunday and there was a very interesting feature about how much of the Liberal Democrat and Conservative manifest promises had become reality. Lib Dem blogger Mark Pack wrote a brilliant and succinct blog post about the BBC segment and I shamelessly reproduce it here:

Sunday’s Politics Show featured the results of research by independent academics into how each party in the Coalition Government is doing at getting its polices enacted.

The conclusion? Three-quarters (75%) of the Liberal Democrat manifesto is being turned into government policy, compared to noticeably less (60%) of the Conservative manifesto, as illustrated in this screenshot:

Politics Show screenshot

(For a sample of those Lib Dem policies being put into action see the excellent site What The Hell Have The Lib Dems Done?)

Conservative blogger Tim Montgomerie and Lib Dem blogger and Federal Policy Committee (FPC) member Linda Jack were both interviewed to discuss these results and other aspects of the coalition’s future.

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